We are happy to share our experience and knowledge gained in the course of many years in this field.


By establishing an environment of mutual trust and a prestigious, respectable and profitable business, our goal is to maintain the relationship for many long years to come. Thanks to our powerful organization framework, we offer our coffee, food and hookahs to our visitors with the utmost product quality and service manner.


Our brand collected innovations within the sector under its roof by following all of them closely and succeeded in setting the pace for our colleagues in terms of “high quality and service in this sector.” 1453 Osmanlı became a brand that achieves the success of going beyond the anticipated target levels for its investors with its number of customers and profitability charts in feasibility studies.


Starting its journey with the motto of “From the City of the Shahzades to Turkey” 1453 Osmanlı aims to maintain the impact it has made on the Franchise sector with the difference it has made at the beginning of its journey. 1453 Osmanlı continues its efforts to fulfill the goal of delivering the taste of the Turkish Cuisine firstly to all of Turkey and then to every corner of the world with modern ways of service.


By not only making visitors experience one of the most valuable elements of the Turkish culture, hospitality, but also transforming the lingering taste of its food to a signature, 1453 Osmanlı aims to complete its journey which started in Manisa by going beyond the borders without making any compromising in taste.


1453 Osmanlı is created by many valuable brands’ founders with passion.


Our experienced operation team addresses the problems encountered immediately through making frequent visits to our branches.


By administrating our ever-growing product range and quality of service ideally, our training department work shoulder to shoulder with our work mates (demek istenen iş ortaklarıysa “business associates” de olur) to pass on this information.


All of our products are provided by business associates that produce certified and safe products made in high quality facilities according to our country’s and world standards.


Quality and the taste is always checked by making reports in order to maintain our high quality and taste level at maximum with an “Anonymous Customer” service provided by an independent company.


We started our journey of service in the city of Shahzades, Manisa. By keeping the grandiose atmosphere of the Ottoman Empire and creating a modern environment at the same time, we offered enjoyable experiences and unique tastes to our visitors.


Our business found an opportunity of opening up in Turkey due to the interest it has drawn and started to grow step by step. And now we continue to grow successfully by appealing to the eye, heart and most importantly taste of our visitors.


Although we mention that our journey started in the City of Shahzades, Manisa all the time, the main starting point of our journey is the search for a magical taste!


Combining the potential offered by Turkish Cuisine with today’s innovations, we started our journey in order to walk on the line between the traditional and modern! We have a long road ahead, since Turkish Cuisine has a diverse nature and very delicious, we gained a significant success along with a great interest shown by our visitors.


With the firm belief that maintaining the success is harder than gaining it, we continue to offer the quality of 1453 Osmanlı to both our visitors and the franchisees by accelerating our efforts, especially of our R&D department today.


In this success, taste and quality, every single one of us has a share, with many more success, let’s all meet in 1453 Osmanlı!


1453 Osmanlı Chairman of the Executive Board

Serdar Deniz